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The 50 most influential people in Hungarian tourism

This exclusive publication provides a comprehensive picture of those people who have had the greatest influence on Hungary’s tourism in 2016.
Tourism is one of the driving forces of Hungary, at least as far as the prevailing government interpretation is concerned. However, the situation is not as simple as this. As complex as the sector is, so it is also at least as fragile, and at least as dependent on politicians, managers of Hungarian or international enterprises, diplomats, indeed, everyday figures in the domestic service provider sector.

So far we have published three editions of ‘The 50 Most Influential People in Hungarian Tourism’; each edition has been extremely positively received both within the profession and among the general public.

We asked top experts from tourism’s professional bodies to form a jury in order to select the 50 people worthy of being included and then – on the basis of a comparison of several fixed parameters – award each person points. This is how the final ranking is established.

This publication will be of interest to anyone wanting to know who contributes to the nearly HUF 1500 billion generated in revenue from the tourism of Hungary.

Every year the publication is presented to the public at the industry’s most significant event, the Tourism Season-opening Gala and Awards Presentation Reception, to which, naturally, members of the TOP50 are also invited.

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