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The tourism profession’s free online daily is distributed to more than 25,000 readers registered with independent e-mail addresses. It includes the latest news and information about domestic and global tourism.

We also arrange the despatch of corporate Special Editions (Edm)to the entire subscriber base or to segmented lists.

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From Tie to Tip

Business customs in 41 countries around the world

The publication presents the typical negotiating and contracting customs and dress codes in 41 counties, and provides useful information on subjects as diverse as changing money, transport, dining habits and holidays.

There are places where nodding one’s head means “no”, and others where giving a watch as a gift is the worst possible thing, but it can also be that the right thing to do is not blow one’s nose but sniff, and in certain parts of the world it is customary to enter a restaurant with bare feet, while being late is interpreted differently in different countries. And whereas in the East ‘creative business solutions’ can generate recognition, in the West we might have to count on considerable antipathy towards the idea.

The book Nyakkendőtől borravalóig (From Tie to Tip) helps guide us through these pitfalls. It was published by Turizmus Kft. in late 2012.


TOP 50 publication

The 50 most influential people in Hungarian tourism

This exclusive publication provides a comprehensive picture of those people who have had the greatest influence on Hungary’s tourism in 2016.
Tourism is one of the driving forces of Hungary, at least as far as the prevailing government interpretation is concerned. However, the situation is not as simple as this. As complex as the sector is, so it is also at least as fragile, and at least as dependent on politicians, managers of Hungarian or international enterprises, diplomats, indeed, everyday figures in the domestic service provider sector.

So far we have published three editions of ‘The 50 Most Influential People in Hungarian Tourism’; each edition has been extremely positively received both within the profession and among the general public.

We asked top experts from tourism’s professional bodies to form a jury in order to select the 50 people worthy of being included and then – on the basis of a comparison of several fixed parameters – award each person points. This is how the final ranking is established.

This publication will be of interest to anyone wanting to know who contributes to the nearly HUF 1500 billion generated in revenue from the tourism of Hungary.

Every year the publication is presented to the public at the industry’s most significant event, the Tourism Season-opening Gala and Awards Presentation Reception, to which, naturally, members of the TOP50 are also invited.

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turizmus.com radio programme

Turizmus Kft. edits an independent tourism magazine called Turizmus.com in partnership with Gazdasági Radio every Thursday in prime time, between 5.15-6 pm. The programme provides a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the tourism sector as seen through the eyes of experts. It supplies ideas, opportunities and useful tips for everything from business travel to family holidays.

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Élmény Itthon Magazine

Élmény itthon is the largest circulation free domestic tourism programme offer magazine published on the commission of Hungarian Tourism Ltd. and with their assistance. The monthly magazine presents the wealth of offers and novelties in Hungary with interesting articles, travel proposals and tips, plus an event calendar broken down by month.

The magazine is an insert to subscriber copies of Magyar Nemzet and Heti Valasz, and it is also distributed to 120 Tourinform offices nationwide, on Intercity services and at Budapest spas.

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budapestpanorama.com is a programme guide in Hungarian and English that foreign tourists can browse before travelling and during their stay in the capital. It provides updated information on programmes, events in Budapest, cultural and entertainment venues, with search functions for topic and date.

The website search function can also be found on both the Hungarian and the English versions of the Hungarian Tourism Ltd. portal. The website, optimized for mobile phone, is complemented with Google map designation of venues; m.budapestpanorama.com

Programme guide website: www.budapestpanorama.com

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Official Budapest City Map

Working in cooperation with Budapest Festival and Tourism Centre Nonprofit Ltd., Turizmus Kft. publishes Budapest’s official, free maps printed in the highest number of copies. The English language map is the essential travel companion of foreign tourists interested in Budapest and staying in the capital. It is packed with useful information (sights, public transport etc.), and places where the Budapest Card is welcomed.

Tourists can find it in Budapest hotels and tourist information offices as well as on its own stand at the luggage reclaim area in the arrivals terminal of Liszt Ferenc International Airport.

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Business Breakfast

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Do you want to be where procurement, technical and restaurant directors, or even head chefs and housekeeping managers have breakfast?

’Presenters’ of the exclusive business breakfasts organized 6-8 times a year showcase their innovative products and services, offering new ideas, cost effective or energy efficient solutions for tourism enterprises.

The event is a unique opportunity for suppliers to introduce themselves and discuss business in person with potential users and clients.

The picture gallery of earlier Business Breakfasts can be seen HERE.

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Tourism Season Opening Gala

Every year on 1 February, Turizmus Kft. has organized the season opening reception and awards ceremony for the tourism profession for the past 25 years. Without exaggeration one can state that this event is, from year to year, the most prestigious event for the tourism profession, the single occasion when all leaders of this diverse sector come together and the government is also represented at the highest level.

Authoritative professional organizations have found this gathering to be a suitable venue for the presentation of “specialist of the year” awards.
Those invited to the reception – at which approximately 1200 tourism specialists take part – do not bring their partners. The fact is that this is not a social occasion, but rather a serious professional prestige event directed towards lobbying activities and buildings contacts.
The venue for the season opening is the Budapest Congress Center, one of the few domestic event venues where more than 1000 people can be seated at one time, and can then participate in the standing reception in another space. A large scale reception is held for all guests after the speeches and awards ceremony.

The picture gallery of the 1 February 2017 gala can be seen HERE.

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Promotion video of the event.



Domestic news portal specializing in tourism with one of the highest audience figures (45,000-55,000 individual visitors/month, more than 300,000 page views/month), featuring constantly updated domestic and international news, appointments in the profession, background material, job vacancies and trade event calendar.

The photo gallery and video box provide an opportunity for the realistic portrayal of various events, study tours and products.

Check out our news portal: www.turizmus.com

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