From Tie to Tip

Business customs in 41 countries around the world

The publication presents the typical negotiating and contracting customs and dress codes in 41 counties, and provides useful information on subjects as diverse as changing money, transport, dining habits and holidays.

There are places where nodding one’s head means “no”, and others where giving a watch as a gift is the worst possible thing, but it can also be that the right thing to do is not blow one’s nose but sniff, and in certain parts of the world it is customary to enter a restaurant with bare feet, while being late is interpreted differently in different countries. And whereas in the East ‘creative business solutions’ can generate recognition, in the West we might have to count on considerable antipathy towards the idea.

The book Nyakkendőtől borravalóig (From Tie to Tip) helps guide us through these pitfalls. It was published by Turizmus Kft. in late 2012.


TOP 50 publication

The 50 most influential people in Hungarian tourism

In 2015, Turizmus Kft. publishes the second edition of its volume introducing the top 50 personalities in the profession. This year a jury comprising representatives of 18 professional organizations plus the editorial office of Turizmus Kft. voted on those individuals who were most influential in Hungarian tourism in 2014. The jury did not establish a ranking but the publication does show the average points received from the jury next to each name in the top 50.

Of the top 50, only 26 represent the tourism profession in the strictest sense of the term, in other words, the hotel industry, travel agencies, airlines or other enterprises. Twelve winners came from state administration and local governments, and another 12 influential figures were selected from associated professions, for instance, curators of museums, heads of cultural institutions and festivals. This year’s list includes 30 individuals who also featured among the 50 most influential personalities in the previous year.

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Official Budapest City Map

Working in cooperation with Budapest Festival and Tourism Centre Nonprofit Ltd., Turizmus Kft. publishes Budapest’s official, free maps printed in the highest number of copies. The English language map is the essential travel companion of foreign tourists interested in Budapest and staying in the capital. It is packed with useful information (sights, public transport etc.), and places where the Budapest Card is welcomed.

Tourists can find it in Budapest hotels and tourist information offices as well as on its own stand at the luggage reclaim area in the arrivals terminal of Liszt Ferenc International Airport.

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Business Traveller Hungary magazine


Turizmus Kft. has published – on the basis of a British licence, and with special attention to the specific domestic features – the quarterly Business Traveller Hungary, Hungary’s only magazine for corporate travellers and travel organizers, since 2003.

The magazine is distributed not only to subscribers but can be found in the Business Lounges of Liszt Ferenc International Airport, at Manager Forum events, and it is also despatched to prime corporate partners of Sixt and Hertz car rental firms and Vodafone.

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Turizmus Panoráma magazine

Each edition of Turizmus Panoráma magazine published 10 times a year is read by approximately 15–20,000 decision-making experts, and more than 500 local government and state administration managers. Articles and background information published in Turizmus Panoráma examine the burning issues affecting the tourism profession.

The magazine is the official journal of the Hungarian Hotel & Restaurant Association, Association of Hungarian Travel Agents and Tour Operators, and the Hungarian Baths Association, as well as strategic partner of the Hungarian TDM Association.

Turizmus Panoráma magazine media offer

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