Turizmus Ltd.

founded: 1992

The Court of Registration registered Turizmus Idegenforgalmi Kiadói Propaganda és Kereskedelmi Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaságot (head office: 1074 Budapest, Munkás u 9., company registration No.: 01-09-262276) in 1993.

However, this date was just a later stage in the history of the editorial office, which began producing the trade magazine Turizmus (earlier titled Idegenforgalom) from 1980.

The editorial office that, over more than 30 years, traced first the hotel and travel office boom of the 1980s, then later, after the change of regime, the wave of privatization and largely welcome development of the Hungarian tourism sector, has operated as an independent legal entity for 20 years.

Thus the editorial office functioning as a publishing enterprise is the only concern in Hungary dedicated exclusively to the tourism sector.

Over the past two decades Turizmus Ltd. has grown from being the only publisher of a monthly trade magazine into an enterprise offering an integrated range of services. Today, the publishing activities of the company can be split into three main areas:

  • tourism professional communication (Turizmus.com Magazine – monthly magazine, turizmus.com – professional portal, Turizmus.com Bulletin – daily trade newsletter, TOP 50 – publication of the most influential people in tourism),
  • corporate tourism communication (Business Traveller Hungary – trade magazine, businesstraveller.hu – professional portal, Business Traveller Hírlevél – weekly corporate traveller newsletter)
  • catering and hospitality professional communication (Vendéglátás magazine – monthly magazine, vendeglatasmagazin.hu – professional portal, Vendéglátás Magazin newsletter – weekly newsletter)

In addition to the above, the editorial office also deals with the organization of professional events (Tourism Sector Season Opening Awards Gala, Utazás Exhibition – Tourism Trade Conference, MICE Business Day – international BtoB workshop, Vendéglátás Academy – educational roadshow for professionals in catering and hospitality industry Business Excellence – corporate market awards ceremony).

The editing of the only weekly broadcast dealing with business issues in the tourism sector and aired by Trend FM Radio is similarly associated with Turizmus Ltd.

Over and above all these activities, Turizmus Ltd. supplies PR and communications services to numerous national tourism offices, as well as domestic and foreign tourism service providers.

If we try to formulate in just a few words the company’s activities, then perhaps we could say that Turizmus Ltd. is the central news source of the tourism sector.